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A Touch of Grace is such a blessing. When I made my first appointment with Grace, I was apprehensive as I had had permanent eyeliner done a year before and it was so painful and didn't last. After my consultation with Grace I was ready to get my eyeliner done. Grace was so kind and supportive and made it painless - it's been 3 years and my eyeliner is still amazing and I can assure you that when I need a retouch, Grace is the only place I will go. And with my crazy schedule, Grace graciously made a late appointment which adds to the personal touch she brings.

- ATOG testimonial by Debbie

The ultimate place to go. Grace will make it pain-free, relaxing and so easy. You will not regret it! I've set my sister, two uncles, daughter and a host of friends to have Grace do their eyes. Best of the Best!!!!

- ATOG testimonial by Debra J.

I got my eyebrows micro-bladed and basic eyeliner done today. It was such an easy experience. The hardest part was sitting down long enough to get the process completed. Grace was a perfectionist. She checked everything thoroughly, made sure both eyes were even, and consistently made sure I was comfortable and not in pain. When I was leaving I could feel the numbing agent wearing off, and I thought to myself- I'm about to feel this. What I could feel lasted about 10 minutes, and it never really hurt. I'm at home now, and it barely feels like I had anything done today. I'm so very happy with the work done today!

- ATOG testimonial by Heather R.


I have always had a problem but not having very much as far as eyebrows. I will draw all them on, but the problem was when I was sweating it would run off I couldn't go to waterparks. I couldn't go to Six Flags and enjoy myself without the worry that my eyebrows that I had to draw in weren't going to be washed off. For years I looked at permanent makeup, and I was quite fearful of the pain. When I talk to Grace, she assured me she would make me as comfortable as she could. I'm so grateful I found Grace, she has a numbing gel she used, and it was painless. She helps me pick the right shape for my face, took her time and measured out from point to point on where everything would be. She was so patient she did a fabulous job, they look great I have a 3D stroke eyebrows, and I often get the comment that my eyebrows are always on point. I always love smiling thanks to Grace. If I had to do this over again I would have done it a lot sooner. Thank you, Grace, for giving me my confidence cosmetically that is. Three years and still fully satisfied, you are my angel.

- ATOG testimonial by Emily

I had my eyebrows micro bladed on Saturday & have never had as many compliments before! This was my 3rd time but 1st time at A Touch of Grace.

The detail of her work is outstanding. She listens to my concerns & paid closed attn to detail. My husband said my eyebrows Never looked better!!! Thank you, Grace, for making me feel completely satisfied with my "look"!

- ATOG testimonial by Paula M.

I went in very nervous, and I have a lot of tattoos. Those do not make me nervous. The whole idea of having the needle on my eye freaked me out! Grace was amazing; I didn't feel an ounce of pain. She cares for her customers. The ending result is beautiful! Was definitely worth the 3hr drive!

- ATOG testimonial by Meaghan B.


A Touch of Grace was truly a wonderful experience! My first appointment I did my eyeliner. That was almost 5 years ago. I went back one time not long after she first did the procedure for a small touch up. And it wasn’t a bad experience either. I was so pleased with what Grace had done I back and had my eyebrows microbladed. Due to my hair loss, (Beyond My Control) now you would never know the difference. My husband said it made my eyes pop and gave me bedroom eyes. LOL.

I would definitely have to recommend a Touch of Grace to anyone that is considering getting their eyeliner or microblading done. It is definitely worth the change and experience!

- ATOG testimonial by Andrea

Amazing! I had my eyeliner done, and I felt no pain while the procedure was being done, felt no pain afterward, and Grace is very upfront and honest with you. She has a steady hand, and my eyeliner is exactly how I would put it on at home. Super happy with A Touch of Grace! It was nothing like I thought it would be. I thought it was gonna be torturous but in all actuality it was pain-free, and grace used plenty of numbing cream the whole procedure. Again I had severe anxiety before and didn't sleep all night, but it was for nothing cause it was pain-free and a great experience.

- ATOG testimonial by Lance S.

Wanted to share my experience with everyone who is considering A Touch of Grace......I was nervous but was quickly eased when Grace gave me step by step instructions on the procedure. She constantly managed my pain level which was always at zero. Her numbing techniques are top notched, and my comfort was the utmost importance. I highly recommend A Touch of Grace for all your permanent makeup needs.

- ATOG testimonial by Suzanne F.

I live two hours away, and I went to her for designer liner, and I'm so glad I did. I love it she is the best, and the best thing I love about her is that she makes sure your not in any pain. She takes her time and makes sure your doing ok threw the whole process. Grace you are amazing. I will be going back to her for my eyebrows next.

- ATOG testimonial by Cora B